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Sunlounger 1 & 2

Sunlounger is an anthology featuring over forty short stories by some of your favourite authors (including me!). It came out during the summer of 2013 and was hugely popular - it got right up to #13 in the Amazon top 100..

We had so much fun, the following year we created
Sunlounger 2.

The Indecent Proposal appeared as a long short story in the original Sunlounger anthology. Megan loves reading celebrity magazines, until she finds herself in one - the drawback to dating rock star, Ryan March. The story is set in Sorrento, Italy.

You can buy a longer version of The Indecent Proposal, as a separate novella here.

In The Accidental Proposal we meet Ryan's friend Luca, who has walked out on the band mid-tour and headed off to New Orleans. Disgraced gossip columnist Gaby is determined to find out why; while her sister Pris is equally determined to have the best holiday ever. Find out what happens in Sunlounger 2.

A longer version of The Accidental Proposal is available as a separate novella here.

The Indecent Proposal (Sunlounger) on Pinterest

The Accidental Proposal (Sunlounger 2) on Pinterest

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