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Reoccurring Characters

You can read my books in any order (they are all ‘standalones’) but some minor characters appear in more than one book. If you would like to read them in order, the list is as follows.

Why Do Fools Fall in Love

Smoke Gets in Your Eyes

A Girl's Best Friend



Something Wicked

Trust Me I Lie

You Make It Feel Like Christmas

Luke McFadden from Why Do Fools Fall in Love gets a (very brief!) mention in Breathless.

Caitlin Kirkwood from Smoke Gets in Your Eyes appears in one chapter of A Girl's Best Friend.

Josh Stortford from A Girl's Best Friend also appears in one chapter of Breathless.

Shelby Roberts from Why Do Fools Fall in Love has three brothers. Harrison and Cary were briefly mentioned and they pop up in all the books, because the Roberts family own/run many of the bars and pubs located in Calahurst and Port Rell. I have a soft spot for Cary, so maybe he'll get a story of his own one day.

Detective Superintendent Seb Hunter is a minor character who appears in my first four books but sadly I'd grown bored of him by Nemesis, so I created Detective Superintendent Doug Bloom to replace him. Doug also appears in Trust Me I Lie.

Luca Corbellini, who turns up briefly in The Indecent Proposal is the hero of The Accidental Proposal.

Ryan March, the hero of The Indecent Proposal, is the brother of Harriet March from Trust Me I Lie.

Matthew Elliott, a minor character from Breathless, also turns up in Something Wicked.

Marina Grey from Smoke Gets in Your Eyes is one of Beth’s authors in You Make It Feel Like Christmas.

If you’ve read Trust Me I Lie or You Make It Feel Like Christmas, and you want to know the story behind the legend of the Witch of Raven’s Edge, you need to read Something Wicked! And if you want to know more about the notorious Elliott family, you need to read Breathless!