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Behind the Scenes

Smoke Gets in Your  Eyes

Smoke Gets in Your Eyes was the second novel I wrote, but it was the first to be published. I entered it for a competition run by Irish publishers Poolbeg. It didn’t win but it was shortlisted and they offered me my first contract.

When I wrote Smoke Gets in Your Eyes I was a bit of a gym freak, but then I became pregnant and was told I had to rest - so I wrote a book about a gym instead! Originally the novel was going to be set in a resort hotel in Greece, but that didn’t really work so I moved it to the UK. This is why Marina is Greek.

Smoke Gets In Your Eyes

Marina became one of my favourite characters. In Why Do Fools Fall in Love the movie Ross is filming is based on one of Marina’s romance novels. In my latest book, Beth is Marina’s editor.

The interior of Calahurst Police Station is based on a police station where I used to work, although the exterior is based on another one. The interior of the Stables is also based on a real pub.

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