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Behind the Scenes

A  Girl’s Best Friend

I always say A Girl’s Best Friend is the first novel I wrote, but the truth of it is that I had been writing stories for as long as I can remember.

I think if I were writing it now, I wouldn’t have characters who are identical twins, because that has become a bit of cliché. At the time I wanted to write about two sisters and their love/hate relationship. I also wanted to write about something glamorous - and what could be more glamorous than diamonds?

A Girl's Best Friend

Random Facts

Danielle and Isabel are two of my favourite heroines and I love the contrast in their personalities. Danielle is so obsessed by her work that she’s forgotten how to have fun. Isabel, who does nothing but have fun, needs to become more responsible.

Nico is one of my favourite heroes. In the original paperback he was a lot meaner, but while I was revising the story for the ebook version I had a change of heart and made him nicer.

Jemma was originally going to be called Claudia (right up until the final edit).

The garden of Stortford House is a mix of Levens Hall in Cumbria and Highgrove in Gloucestershire. The exterior of Stortford House also owes a lot to Highgrove. The exterior of Patrick Kearney’s house is based on Bishop’s Palace in Wells, Somerset. You can see photos of these places on my Pinterest boards.

Bishop’s Palace, Wells, Somerset

When I needed a restaurant for my characters to visit, I thought it would be fun to call it ‘Jacob's’. (A Christmas Carol, by Charles Dickens, is one of my favourite books and Jacob Marley was the name of Scrooge’s business partner.)

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